Cane Furniture


For most people, when you think of cane furniture you think of the 70’s conservatory furniture. Cane furniture has actually been around the ancient eyptian times, but in 2019 its making a stylish comeback.


w h a t  i s  c a n e ?

Cane furniture which is also known as Rattan furniture or wicker furniture is basically made of the stems of the rattan plant. Cane is the raw material from rattan plant and it is tensile and durable.


Cane Furniture


t h e   b e n e f i t s   o f   c a n e   f u r n i t u r e

One of the greatest advantages of rattan furniture is that, its light in weight. It can be carried around from one place to another easily.

It is very versatile, Rattan furniture can be shaped and designed into different types of furniture. It has the power to transform the decor of a home or office space with its incomparable versatility. It can be used to make different types of furniture that can be placed in any part of the room or garden.

Most people prefer to buy wicker furniture as it is environment friendly. It includes the use of natural materials which is derived from the stem of the large rattans. It is a climber palm which is found in tropical regions of Asia and Africa.


Cane Furniture


I really love that cane furniture is making a stylish comeback. I love the natural feel it brings to an interior, and will compliment other current trends very well.

I feel 2019 interior trends are very much focusing on natural elements, so the cane will work well with many interiors.

Let me know your thoughts on this trend, do you love it? or will you be giving this one a hard pass?


xoxojen mccarthy




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