Is it just me or does anyone else find organised pantry’s extremely satisfying?

* now hoping i’m not crazy and the only person *

I will literally look through Pinterest for ages, just getting inspiration for different organisation idea’s.



Now some of you may be thinking, this isn’t Interior Design, this isn’t the type of blog post that should be on an interior design page. I however would disagree as the best pantry’s I have seen follow some of the basic rules of interior design.


t o p  t i p s  f o r  a c h i e v i n g  u l t i m a t e  p a n t r y  g o a l s

r e p i t i t i o n

Odd-numbered groupings create more visual interest than even numbered groupings.  You can achieve this by having the same container for different items.

m i x  a n d  m a t c h  t e x t u r e s

Just like when designing any space you should always be conscious of mixing and matching different textures. In the case of a pantry you can mix glass containers with wicker baskets, and you can introduce chalk board style labels to incorporate yet another texture.

p l a y  w i t h  s c a l e

This is going to be super easy to achieve, as quite simply you will need different sized jars dependant on what you are storing. I recommend seeing the types of food you actually need storage for, now some of you will be thinking ‘yeah duh’, but I know how easy it is to see something on Pinterest and want to recreate it, then before you know it you have all these containers that although look pretty, just aren’t practical for what you need.



g e t  t h e  l o o k

*click the image for a link to website for where to source items*



As always I would love to see your amazingly organised pantry’s.

You can share pictures with us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

h a p p y  o r g a n i s i n g


xoxojen mccarthy


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