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Yep you read that right, this blog post is all about Christmas Decor inspired by the beautiful Peacock.


During the festive season when it comes to decorating our homes some people like to be a bit more flamboyant with their Christmas themes. The peacock inspired look is one I have seen a lot of across social media and interior design websites, and not going to lie … I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!




I have seen this look recreated in different ways, some are lets say very obvious in there style with peacock feathers sticking out all over the place and although in certain spaces this would look amazing, in your average home it would just be too much to handle. I have seen other peacock trees which are done in a more subtle way and it creates look that is bright and colourful but sophisticated at the same time.

Top Tips:

Focus on the colours of a peacock, rather than the animal itself when creating peacock inspired decor. At the end of the day your using it for its design influence rather than trying to create the look of an actual peacock in the room.

Compliment the bright vibrant colours with a nuetral white, silver or gold to ensure you are not overwhelmed by too much colour.

Go easy with the peacock features, a little goes along way so don’t over do it.

t h e  p e a c o c k  c o l o u r  s c h e m e

To successfully achieve the peacock look you need to include Blue, Green and Purple in your colour scheme. The best thing to do is to vary the different shades on each colour to provide interest, it is also important to introduce different textures with your baubles.


g e t  t h e  l o o k



There is one last that I feel is a necessity if recreating this look …

t h e  p e a c o c k  w r e a t h




I mean, this is just gorgeous, don’t you think.

Have any of you gone for a Peacock Theme this Christmas?

xoxojen mccarthy





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