Christmas Candle Haul


There has been a change in season, the autumn leaves fallen and a winter chill is in the air. With a change of season brings one thing, the candle changeover. What is left of the pumpkin infused candles have been put away and the Christmas Candles can now take there place.


Like always I went to my go to place for candles, HomeSense. I’m not going to lie, I was disappointed with the selection this year. Now I may have left it a little late to get them, I know stores bring a lot of their festive stuff out start of November, I went the first couple days into December which may be a reason why the choice was limited.


I did manage to get three lovely candles which i’m excited to share with you all.


c i n n a m o n  c e d a r : d w  h o m e

Cinammon Cedar

DW Home – Candle – Cinnamon Cedar

Freshly ground cinnamon stick and a splash of clementine are warmed by aromatic notes of crushed clove essence, ambered allspice, and peppered ginger bursting with toasted nutmeg.

Scented Candle
Hand Poured




w i l d  s c a r l e t  b e r r i e s : d w  h o m e

Wild Scarlet Berries

DW Home – Candle – Wild Scarlet Berries

Crushed Red Currants and juicy cranberry weave through radiant poinsettia blossoms gleaming with star anise, Christmas rose, rich myrrh, sensual patchouli, dark cedar and a splash of apple.

Scented Candle
Hand Poured




s w e e t  p e p p e r m i n t : d w  h o m e

Sweet Peppermint

DW Home –  Candle – Sweet Peppermint

Sweet classic peppermint candy canes touched by delicious vanilla sugar.

Scented Candle
Hand Poured



This is quite a small haul, but these scents work perfectly together and let off a wonderful christmassy aroma.

I’d love to know what your go to festive scent is, let me know in the comment section or via my social media accounts.


xoxojen mccarthy







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