Black Friday, Black Interiors …. See what I did there!

Take a break from the deal hunting, grab a cup of tea and enjoy this blog all about black interiors.

Now Black to many people isn’t a colour they instantly think of when thinking what colour to paint their walls. It takes courage and commitment to create a stunning interior design adorned with black walls.






Black is such a misunderstood colour. I feel people instantly assume its too dark and depressing, often people find the boldness intimidating. You can use it to create a classy, sophisticated colour scheme. When used the right way, black can be breathtaking in interiors.






One of the most important things to remember when designing with black is to consider your lighting. Of course there are some people who want to create a dark, moody interior, but if you’re looking for a space that still feels bright and fresh, be sure it gets plenty of natural light. If your space is lacking in natural light, you may want to reconsider.






Unless you are wanting to make an all black statement, I recommend making sure that there is some contrast to your decor. You can go for lighter coloured furnishings, floors , mouldings and accessories. If the all black look is what you are desiring, be sure to mix and match textures so you don’t create a space which is dull and lifeless.






If you don’t want to go the whole way and have an entirely black room, why not use it as an accent colour. This is currently really popular in kitchens as you can see in the image below. You still add some glamour with the black, just without it overpowering the space.





I hope you have enjoyed your little breather from the Black Friday madness. I encourage all of you to consider black when your next redecorating project comes around, as the images throughout this blog have shown, you can end up with an interior which is really rather special.


xoxojen mccarthy


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