When did the Sainsbury’s Home Department become so good?

I recently went into Sainsbury’s and of course had a mooch through their homeware section and they actually have some really great items. I have always known Sainsbury’s had a home department but recently it’s stepped up from your typical supermarket home department to the same level as H&M Home and Matalan (in my eyes).

They have mastered great looking, on trend pieces but at really reasonable prices!

Like many other homeware brands Sainsbury’s Home stocks a great range of basic essentials but they also release on trend collections to run along side their basics range.

In Store they currently have two collections in, as well as their Christmas collection (but its a bit too early to be talking about Christmas on the blog). The collections are called ‘Rural Retreat’ which is a rustic collection inspired by the British countryside, and ‘Normad Traveller’ which is inspired by world travel.


r u r a l  r e t r e a t

This collection came out in October in Sainsbury’s stores.

Its the perfect Autumn range with rich warm colours and animal prints. This range also has some quirky animal lamps and accessories, perfect to create that cosy cottage vibe in your home.

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n o r m a d  t r a v e l l e r

“Taking influence from traditional cultures, Nomad Traveller captures the laidback spirit of blending new influences with time-old traditions. Global references from all over the world inspire an exciting blend of materials, textures, tactility and patterns for the home.”

“It has a burnt and rich palette of earthed colours, which are paired with neutral and monochrome backgrounds to balance it all out.”

Designer : Sainsbury’s Home

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o t h e r  r a n g e s  t h e y  h a v e  a v a i l a b l e

You may also find in store and online some ‘leftovers’ from previous collections of theirs. I wanted to include a few images of these to display the style range that Sainsbury’s offers. Sometimes a store will stick to the same sort of style with their collections, but Sainsbury’s is diverse and on trend.

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What I will say is depending on how big your local store is will depend on how good their in store homeware department is. My local store has quite a small selection, but went to my nearest ‘superstore’ and the selection there was far better. I would definitely recommend looking to see where your biggest local store is and have a mooch, alternatively you can shop online at


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