Following on from my last post about gallery walls, I wanted to share with you my ‘go to’ places to source wall art.

These are just a few of many places where you can source great wall art.

I particularly like these ones I have mentioned as I think they offer a wide range of prints at great price points.


d e s e n i o



m a d e . c o m


t h eΒ  h o u s eΒ  o u t f i t


j u n i q e


e t s y


Having wall art in your decor is great as it also displays a bit of your personality, as you are picking prints that you love and that represent you. Also when you feel like a change you can get new prints and transform the feel of your decor with minimal cost and inconvenience of redecorating.

Have some fun mixing and matching your prints, and if you currently have or are going to introduce a gallery wall into your home, I’d love for you to send a picture via my Facebook or Instagram account as I love seeing what prints everyone selects for their homes.


xoxojen mccarthy







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