Uni halls are notorious for being pretty dull and on most occasions really rather small.

I have complied a few ways you can transform your halls from dull to cosy and inviting.


This floor plan is a fairly standard room layout, you’ve got your sleeping area, desk space, kitchenette and en suite. Although to be honest the kitchenette and en-suite in some cases would be classed as a luxury as some halls have shared kitchen and bathrooms (how can people cope with that though, like seriously that is my worst nightmare).

Uni Hall Standard Layout


m y  t o p  t i p s


When designing any space the lighting is so important and it can really change the feel of a room. As uni halls are small you want to use lighting to make the space feel cosy and inviting. You also want to have more than one light source, you wont want to have the main light on when your chilling in your room at night.

The best way to instantly make a room feel cosy is with fairy lights. They have become a staple in most bedrooms as there is nothing nicer than chilling in your room with little twinkling lights. The great thing is that there are so many different types so you can get creative with them.

fairy light 1



After all this is YOUR space. Pick some of your favourite photos of friends, family, pets, basically anything that reminds you of home and things that make you smile. A really cute way to display photos is by making them look like polaroids. If you havent got a polaroid camera don’t panic, there are so many places you can order polaroids from online.

I get mine from , they are  so inexpensive to order and there is pretty much always a discount code floating around. They are great quality as well so there going to last.

Not everyone like putting up photos, but thats ok there are many other ways to personalise a space. You can use artwork, quotes and garlands that represent you and your personality.


colour scheme



Cushions are a great way of bringing colour and pattern into your room. The likely hood of you being able to paint the walls is pretty much zero, so make the most of your cushions.

Mix and match different textures with your cushions as this is another way to make your room feel cosy. There are so many different types to choose eg faux fur, velvet, linen and sequin. Mix up the sizes of them as well as this adds more interest to your room.

Don’t hold back with the amount you buy either. Now i’m not suggesting you have so many you can’t sit on your bed, but you want to have enough so that during the day your bed feels more like a sofa. I recommend having about 6 or 7.

Styling your room with cushions will also enable you to switch up your style throughout the year, so when your getting bored of your decor, treat yourself to some new ones.




Ok in first year you won’t be taking things too seriously, but believe me second and third year you will be glued to your desk.

This space is so important.

If your anything like me I cant work when chilling in bed. I would often try but before long i’d either be online shopping, watching youtube or taking a nap, just because I don’t associate my bed with somewhere I can study.

It needs to be a practical space, but that doesn’t mean its has to be boring. You can get so many cute desk accessories and pin boards to hang up. Paperchase has some great desk accessories, these can sometimes be a little more pricey, however Primark Home have some great stuff in at the moment at really low price points.

I would also recommend getting a desk lamp. This goes back to what I mentioned earlier about lighting, having a desk lamp gives you another light source but also another opportunity to add some style to the room.




Candles are the ultimate way to make your room cosy.

Again they are a great way of bringing in more colour and pattern, but more importantly they will fill your room with a delightful scent (which can mask the smell of the dirty laundry you keep putting off doing).

My favourite places to get candles from are: Homesense, Yankee Candle, Jo Malone, Sainsburys (Trust me they do some great ones) and of course IKEA.

Just be careful with candles, don’t leave them on overnight or if your out the room. Candles are great but I wouldn’t want to be responsible for your new beautiful room to go up in flames, so just be careful.



I hope this post has helped you a little.

Enjoy Uni and Happy Decorating!

xoxojen mccarthy


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