I’m just throwing it out there I am obsessed with all things marble and copper and I really do mean OBSESSED!

So when the marble and copper interior trend arrived I was all over it. I love that the trend is so versatile and can be adapted for everyone’s personal style, as marble and copper can be accessorised with a variety of colours. To create a dramatic look accessorise with dark charcoal tones and black, alternatively choosing a lighter colour palette such as a white and mint green to create a fresh looking interior.

My personal favourite colours to accessorise marble and copper with is grey, blush pink and navy. I think this colour combination gives a very elegant look to a space. I actually went with this colour palette for my bedroom. The images below are a great example of how this colour palette works great together.



Although I absolutely love this trend, if you are looking to redecorate and want something complete on trend for the moment, then this probably isn’t for you as although there are still plenty of marble and copper accessories out there, the trend has evolved more into marble and gold/brass. It is important to remember that when redecorating you have to go with what you like, after all you are the one living in the space, all you have to bare in mind is if you go for a style that maybe isn’t the ‘trend of the moment’ then it would be harder to source accessories as stores tend to only stock the current trend and what I consider your interior staples.


t r e n d  i m a g e  g a l l e r y



g e t  t h e  l o o k

I have sourced a few items that can help you achieve this interior look.

If you click on the images they will take you through to the webpage where you can purchase them.



I hope you enjoyed this post, I certainly enjoyed writing about my favourite trend.

If you have any questions or would like any advise on how to incorporate marble and copper into your interiors, leave a comment below or drop me an email via the contact tab and I will be more than happy to help.


xoxojen mccarthy


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